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Come on, people. With your help, we can make this happen.

I can’t wait for my robot body. I will probably not have to pee all the time.
(Edit: This is why I have a replica of my own limbless torso.)

I can’t wait for my robot body. I will probably not have to pee all the time.

(Edit: This is why I have a replica of my own limbless torso.)



My roommate made a playlist that is nothing but 250 of the same song, and that song is Dog Police, by the band Dog Police, from the album Dog Police, and it goes on for 11.1 hours.


dog police

where are you coming from

dog police

nobody knows who you are


I am super sick today, and I took some cold medicine, and I just… I found myself doing this for over five straight minutes:

Like, I have always loved my nose, but today it’s just amazing. It’s even sharper than I remembered and I was like “I should memorize my own nose. I don’t know the back of my own hand really well. Am I supposed to know the back of my hand really well? Do other people know the backs of their hands really fucking well and I am the weirdo for whom ‘I know him like the back of my hand’ means I don’t know him very well? At least I can know my own nose. And then I will say ‘I know him like the shape of my nose.’ Whoa, I just realized why robotripping is a thing.”

And then when I was trying to make the above gif to show you, I messed up some settings but I made a gif that EXACTLY illustrates how I feel right now.


Someone is really trying to make me regret giving them my netflix password.

auto erotic correction [x]

(And that esprit d’escalier moment when you realize you should have tagged the second tweet with #justthetips)

I think I figured out rom coms

So, in romantic comedies, one of the most common plots is that someone will find someone they like, and hound them obsessively until the other person gives in and dates them. Which is creepy in real life and not romantic at all.

But one thing I’ve noticed about working in entertainment for so long is that nothing gets done without constantly hounding people and reminding them you exist and making yourself the center of their universe and showing up at their house in the middle of the night every night for six years, each night bringing a more beautiful pony than the night before, until eventually the project gets done.

And I thought my god, these movie writers have had to do this to get a movie made in the first place. They don’t know any other way. Of course that’s how they’re going to write romance. It all makes sense now.

"His powers… are both a blessing… and a curse," types the fantasy writer in his latest creation. He leans back away from the keyboard, laces his fingers together behind his head, and reads over his work. Yes, he thinks with a smile, I have written something totally original. I will be remembered for this. He feels good about himself. He is allowed to take a chocolate from his special stash as a reward.

You know how some shows have those “previously on this show” bits at the beginning? What if you did a whole show at that pace? Tiny little snippets of just the most important bits of the story, no clip lasting more than 2 seconds, with dramatic music in the background, but do that for a whole hour until you have a show.

Bullshit, Bullshit.

Bullshit, Bullshit.