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upwardlooking asked you: 
Hey, just wondering - was Marvin from Lesbian Pirates inspired by Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? :) Love your work, by the way - I’ve been home sick for the past few days, laying in bed and reading all of your stuff ;D You rock!
He was not, but he reminded so many readers of the Hitchhiker character that when it came time to name my little gray-skinned buddy, I decided to do a retroactive homage.
For your commission sale would you be willing to do Yu + Me Dream characters (or other comics) or only LPFOS?

Anyone you want, even characters that aren’t mine. Any person of any sort.

would you ever consider including a trans* character in any of your comics?

I already have. There are clues, but nothing outright stating it yet. I want people to get to know this character as a person so their defining feature isn’t “that trans character”. I don’t want it to be a big gasping shock of a reveal, though I won’t pass it off as completely inconsequential either. When their transness becomes relevant to the story, they’ll come out about it. Right now, they have other things going on.

So I read yu + me dream and I absolutely adored it. It is simultaneously one of the most unique stories and greatest plots I've read and one of the best love stories. It is my favorite webcomic of all time. I was wondering if you ever go to comic cons? I would like to get my books signed XD.

I go to a few, never as many as I’d like. I either have time, or money, but rarely both. This upcoming weekend I’ll be at Penguicon in Dearborn, MI (near Detroit) and I miiiiiight be going to TCAF the weekend after that. I don’t have a booth at either one. I missed going to cons for fun, so I decided to go as a spectator this year.

There are a few other cons I’m thinking of going to, but it depends a lot on where my life is in a few months. There are some huge changes coming up for me that make it hard to plan anything more than a few weeks in advance.