megan rosalarian gedris
I like your new corset! Do you use any specific patterns for them? I'm interested in trying to make my own.

I make my own patterns! Because I couldn’t find a good corset pattern anywhere for the longest time. The “historical costumes” section of the pattern books had corsets that were either a. not very historical at all b. the wrong type of corset from what I wanted or c. ugly as sin. So I looked into drafting my own patterns, and piecing together bits of info from like 6 different sites, I managed to figure it out. It’s strange how nobody will give you the full story on making a corset. It’s like some kind of fetch quest where I have to find the six pieces of a map that has been scattered across the kingdom, and only then will I be able to find the treasure.

Then it was a matter of taking good measurements, and using Adobe Illustrator to draw it out with nice, smooth curves. This mushroom one is the fifth or sixth corset pattern I’ve drafted.

I actually plan to do a basic underbust corset tutorial once I’ve made a few more and get to a point where I’m confident I’ve got the best version I can think of.

If you want to know more, Foundations Revealed has about a bajillion articles on making corsets. Most are only available to subscribers, but there are some good free articles to get you started, and it goes over the basics like what materials to use.