megan rosalarian gedris
Age: 26
Where I’m from: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Where I would like to live: I really don't care so long as there's water nearby
Favourite food: raw tuna in any form
Religion: atheist
Sexual orientation: let's say lesbian for brevity's sake
Single/taken: taken
Favourite book: The End of Mr Y
Favourite movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Favourite TV show: Parks & Rec (I hated this show until recently and now it's my favorite)
Favourite colour: Purple
If I have any pets: Scrambles the Death Dealer, the stinkiest cat alive
What I’m listening to right now: Leslie Hall
What’s my ringtone: Manequins and Mandolins by Rob Kleiner
What my name means: pearl/from the sea, because my mom knew I was a mermaid from day 1
Favourite superhero: Batwoman
Celebrity crush: David Tennant