megan rosalarian gedris
Ah my days! those leggings are cracking! Did you use a pattern or just make it up(if so could you be persuaded to make/share a tutorial?!)?! SO FABULOUS. :) X

It was Butterick pattern 5788, really super easy, especially with a serger. The thing about this pattern is it’s in 3 pieces per leg instead of 2, so you can add a stripe of contrasting fabric up the side. I’m thinking of doing this pattern with fish scales for the main fabric and stretch lace on the sides. It think it’s gonna be beautiful. I also bought some sheer rose fabric and I’ll make some more tonight.

I’d do a tutorial, but it’s really so incredibly easy that there’s no need for one if you follow the instructions in the package. There’s only like 5 steps. It took me an hour to make, for real. Just make sure to get fabric with 2 or 4 way stretch to them, and the pattern going in the direction you want. I bought the fabric for the leggings I just made and found the stripes were going vertically, so I had to refold it and luckily it was still enough fabric to make the leggings with.