megan rosalarian gedris
I'm asking out of curiosity, not to insinuate anything. But 'lolita fashion' has always seemed terrible to me, not the style itself, it's actually a wonderful style, but the term 'lolita' roughly means 'sexualised little girl.' Do you know if there more to it which makes the name okay? Or is it just a term which has lost its meaning?

I’m not bothered by words really. Language is a strange beast. I don’t think the word has lost it’s meaning. It was never meant to refer to Vladmir Nabokov’s story. “The usage of the word can be considered wasei-eigo or deriving from the female given name, Lolita relating back to Japan’s relations to Portugal. Early Japanese lolitas thought it meant something cute in Portuguese and therefore adopted the wasei-eigo term lolita.”[x] And I mean, it’s a pretty cute sounding word! Lo-li-ta! So cute!

That’s the thing about language. A lot of our words stem from people misunderstanding something or loosely borrowing a term from another language and adapting things to fit what we want. A lot of words have multiple meanings, and I don’t think one definition being bad means all the definitions have to be bad. But that’s me.