megan rosalarian gedris

I’m feeling pretty good right now.

I organized my gif folder today as part of some routine scheduled procrastination, and I’m pretty sure I have enough sarcastic snarky gifs that no one on the internet can ever hurt me again.

Damn. Look at all this attitude.

Now to turn anonymous comments on.

I am super sick today, and I took some cold medicine, and I just… I found myself doing this for over five straight minutes:

Like, I have always loved my nose, but today it’s just amazing. It’s even sharper than I remembered and I was like “I should memorize my own nose. I don’t know the back of my own hand really well. Am I supposed to know the back of my hand really well? Do other people know the backs of their hands really fucking well and I am the weirdo for whom ‘I know him like the back of my hand’ means I don’t know him very well? At least I can know my own nose. And then I will say ‘I know him like the shape of my nose.’ Whoa, I just realized why robotripping is a thing.”

And then when I was trying to make the above gif to show you, I messed up some settings but I made a gif that EXACTLY illustrates how I feel right now.



one of the most amazing things I have ever seen on the internet, ever


I made a Leslie Hall!

She cheered me up when I was feeling crappy. She yells at me to do crafts and work through the pain.

And if you don’t find anyone, buy a gallon of ice cream and cry in front of the TV.