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I decided to put Life is Beautiful (the whistling song from Deadly Premonition) through the Wub Machine for shits and or giggles, and ended up with a kind of amazing mashup that I genuinely enjoyed listening to. We have dubbed it “Coffee with the Raincoat Killer.” This is almost as good as the time we put Rosie o’Donnell’s spoken word freeform poetry through the WM.


York flexes his powerful back, shoulderblades cutting through his suit. Stepping forward, then backward, then forward, he takes a swing at the unarmed mannequin. Several chunks of plastic clatter to the ground, revealing a small, gleaming medal tucked behind the doll stand. “Ah! I told you it was around here somewhere, Zach.” York proudly beamed. He picked up the medal, shined it off on his lapel, and pinned it to the inside of his jacket alongside 38 identical others.


I just finished Deadly Premonition and now I’m filled with feeeeelings!

I can’t even deal right now.

I really need to do some fanart.