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It’s another free swatch day at Spoonflower! If you order any design on eco canvas, you’ll get it free, without even having to pay shipping, no credit card required. If you get one of my designs, I still get paid for it! It’s one of those nifty ways you can support me without spending any money, and you get something cool. And the awesome thing about this round of free swatches is, it’s canvas, which means you can make cool patches out of it. Sew it onto a bag, make a wallet out of it, the canvas stands up to it. The above are not my only designs, so check out that link above and find something you like for freeeeeee!

We gotta be sneaky. ”I’m using the morning after pill as the centerpiece of this necklace, guys.”

We gotta be sneaky. ”I’m using the morning after pill as the centerpiece of this necklace, guys.”

Oooooooooh dang you guys! It’s another free swatch day at Spoonflower which means you can get some of my fabric arts free today! I’ve got plenty of new designs since the last free swatch day, and many new colors of some old favorites, and today it’ll be on faux-suede, how cool is that! One of my favorite parts is, I still get paid for every swatch you get, even though you get it completely free, not even a shipping cost, so this is a small way you can support me without spending a dime.

New food fabrics in my Spoonflower shop. There’s “Charcutie,” a collection of meats and cheeses and vegetables. There’s also two pizza fabrics, a supreme pizza, and a pepperoni for those who like something a little more classic. And I still have Sushi Party and Cheese Obsession for sale.

They make great aprons, tablecloths, place mats, napkins, picnic blankets, kitchen curtains, or even a cute dress. I designed the pizza fabric because I wanted a pizza dress. In a couple weeks, I’ll have a couple yards arriving at my door to be turned into exactly that.

Keep sending me photos of your finished projects. I love seeing what you guys make!

By popular request, the Cthulhu design is now available in 8 different colors, and can be printed on 13 different types of fabric, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap. I’m so glad it’s taken off like it has! I love seeing what you guys are making.

Spoonflower has a new silky faille option for any of the designs you can find on the site, including mine! Today, they’re giving away free swatches. Why not try some out on one of my designs? Such as the Cthulu or mermaid damasks, brains available in regular or zombie styles, food, flowers, and topless women (perfect for a secret saucy lining to an otherwise demure dress.) Many of these designs are available in multiple colors. All of the patterns repeat endlessly with no unsightly seams.

Now I have to decide what free swatch I wanna get!

Megan, I am curious about your opinion of Spoonflower!? I have a design I am looking to turn into wrapping paper/fabric. Have you been satisfied with the platform? Do you find that you earn anything from it, or is it more about the convenience and happiness of knowing that your awesome patterns are out there for others to use?

Pros of Spoonflower: Right now, they’re the only ones doing what they do (as far as I know) providing an awesome service I’ve been wishing was a thing for years. They’re well known enough to be seen as a source of good fabric by crafters and seamstresses. The quality of the fabric is comparable to that you’d find in a brick and mortar fabric store, though I’ll admit I’ve not tried out all their varieties of fabric. I’ve had lots of people buy fabric from me, some who’ve never heard of me from anywhere else.

And customers have the ability to ask me if I can tweak the design for them. For example, someone wanted my mermaid damask design in blue and turquoise, and I was able to change the colors for them. You can print the design as large or small as you need without even bugging the designer. I know I’ve found a great fabric before that I couldn’t use because the pattern was too big or small for my purposes.

I’ve used them a few times to print my art on fabric for gallery showings, which is more fun than printing on paper and cheaper than printing on canvas.

I love that I can order wacky prints on something other than quilting cotton!!! I have way too many things made of that stiff, easily wrinkled quilting cotton because I love weird patterns, and most apparel fabric doesn’t offer even close to that variety. I vowed to stop buying quilting cotton for clothes, and this way, I can still get my fix of cool designs while be comfortable and not so wrinkly.

Cons of Spoonflower: Right now, they’re the only ones doing what they do (as far as I know) so there’s no competition and prices are still pretty high. Which I actually don’t think is too bad. This is custom fabric, this is a luxury, this can be a high price. But the problem is that designers have no say in the price. The profits we make are fixed and there’s no wiggle room, unless we want to buy it in bulk ourselves and sell it ourselves. I’d like to be able to say “I spent an hour on this so this is cheap, I spent two weeks on this, so this costs more.”

There are also some objectively bad designs on there. The front page has really, really nice work, and I’d say at least half of what I’ve seen is nice, but there’s a large amount of work that just doesn’t work. People who don’t bother to make their work a repeating pattern, things uploaded with too low a resolution, things that look nice on the screen but don’t work as fabric (remember, pixels and ink are two different things!) And smart consumers will know to stay clear, but this stuff is too expensive to face such disappointment when the package arrives. Which isn’t to say Spoonflower should be doing something about the bad designers. Every designer has to start somewhere, everyone has different tastes. This is mostly just a note to make sure to make sure the design you want it as good as you think it is before buying.

All in all, I like it. I just ordered a few yards of my brains fabric for myself and it should be here in a couple days and I’m very excited about it. I got the performance knit, which is really soft and feels wonderful. I’ll post pictures once I can decide what I’m going to make out of it.

People who sew their own costumes know now is the time to start preparing for Halloween. For your consideration, here’s a couple of fabrics patterns I designed that might come in handy, in regular style brains and zombie brains. I really want to make a hat out of one of these.

Getting all kinds of regretsy in this house tonight

Getting all kinds of regretsy in this house tonight

A couple new fabrics in the Spoonflower store. Cheese Obsession has some cartooney drawings of many of my favorite cheeses. And the Mermaid Damask now comes in blue and brown (also in black & white and purple.) You can order them and make things out of them.