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While I am sad that Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space is ending, I feel that the place you are stopping is probably the best place you could stop. You have said that you might make some little comics afterward, but the only thing I'd really like to see would be those things that are sometimes at the ends of movies that say what happens to the characters down the road like: Bob eventually joined the circus and fell in love with a bear. They now live in Canada with 13 adopted children. :)

I figure if Gaiman can return to Sandman after a couple decades off, maybe with enough time I’ll want to return to LPFOS. So I don’t want to wrap up the ending too tightly. But right now, I have a huge cast, all of Janet’s enemies are gone, Penny is a god. At this particular time, I can’t do much more. I just wish I’d realized that a few months ago instead of a couple weeks ago.

Gradient Lines

I do it in Photoshop. You actually can do something similar in ArtRage too. But I’ll show the PS version.

So, you draw your lines.

Then you click the “lock transparent pixels” button in the layers panel.

Then you use the gradient tool and drag it around on the lineart. It’ll only effect the areas that already have pixels.

I used to use layer masks for it, but this is simpler and faster.

I hope I didn’t ruin all the magic. I’m sure all of you were here because of my gradient lines and now you have lost interest. What have I done?!