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I finished YU+ME dream a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Are you thinking of making a series similar to that? (I wanted to read your other series but they were all like 18+ lol)

Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space actually has no nudity or swearing (unlike YU+ME) so it’s definitely not an 18+ kind of thing. Nothing you couldn’t show on TV. Meaty Yogurt has swearing and some sexual situations, but no nudity. And they’re both free, too. So you can definitely read those.

I am going to be doing more of a fantasy adventure series next, I think. Well, after I do more work on Meaty Yogurt. I gotta get back in that headspace.

Is there boy burlesque??

There’s “boylesque”, but as I understand it, the term is mostly popular with the gay scene. There’s boys in a lot of troupes I’ve seen, most of whom don’t feel the need to label it as something else. Burlesque used to mean a wide variety of acts that included men and women, though men joining in on the striptease does seem to be a newer thing.

You mentioned Yu+Me and I just read it all in one sitting. Now I'm full of feels. And I am again shown how awesome your storytelling is. Once again, I'm adding you to the follow forever list. Though you're already on thee like three times...


No but really, thanks. The fact that it resonated on such a level that I still get so many messages from people about it means more to me than words could ever express so I resort to silly gifs.

I’m going through all the pages right now, laying them out for print, basically reliving the experience of drawing every single page in high speed fast forward. I changed so much while making it, and I’m glad it’s effecting others and giving them feels.

I was trying to find your fabric on Spoonflower but all I could think to search by was Rosalarian - is there another way? Because I got bupkiss.

They set it up dumb so you have to go to

That reminds me to finish the lolita fabric I started a few weeks ago.