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The Daily Grump | December 16, 2012 [website | tumblr]

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Can I please quit society?

All the time, I hear news stories along these lines:

Bob and Mary Huntington razed six acres of what used to be a forest. Now, they are surprised that wild animals are having the audacity to show up in their yard. Naturally, they called the government who quickly came and murdered everything that wasn’t a cute fluffy bunny.

I seriously hate urban sprawl. And even more than I hate urban sprawl, I hate people who act so darn surprised that animals are going to show up to what used to be their home. Yeah, lady, if you build a house on top of a bear cave, expect to see some fucking bears in your yard. Maybe instead of building a brand new house in what used to be a forest, you could have bought that already existing house in the city even though you won’t get to look out over four acres of useless lawn and you won’t have a private lake.

Right now, there’s a story up about people getting disgruntled that an abandoned house in the suburbs is filled with cockroaches. An abandoned house. Nobody is living there. But apparently, the bugs still can’t have it. Can I please quit society?