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Fionna and Caaaaaaaaaake

Fionna and Caaaaaaaaaake








For All who are into Adventure Time and did not see the new episode


I see a commentary on the intrinsic pointlessness and stupidity of this ‘shipping’ nonsense. Most of you will grow out of it……..if not, I’m sure Tumblr will still be here in five years.


oh my gosh this episode is so meta

This whole episode is like a big middle finger to a huge part of the show’s fanbase.  I really don’t see what the point was, other than to make the people who get the most invested in the show feel like utter shit.

“Shipping,” especially the most popular femslash shipping which cased a huge stir in the fandom, is not just a pathetic degenerate hobby.  It’s something queer fans engage in because they are desperate to see the narrative portray something they can relate to.  It’s important because it allows them to make a community and bond over the show in a way that makes them feel safe and included.  They are imagining the diversity and inclusiveness which the creators are apparently DEAD SET on denying them.

I can’t really forgive the creators for mocking their fans this way.  I can’t understand why they would mock people who love their work and support it so much, even though they are constantly ridiculed for doing so.

This is a pretty narrow way to view this episode, and ignores the artfully depicted themes of Finn exploring his interest in sexuality,getting a little weird with it, and trying to learn about himself. If you think this episode was meant as a “fuck you” to the fans, frankly, I think it’s a reflection of a wrongly inflated sense of fandom-importance. It seems to me the creators were more interested in telling a story about Finn learning about sex and relationships, and how your feelings about it can get kinda weird when you’re a kid. It could also be interpreted as a comment on shipping, but more about how shipping is often an unrealistic view of how relationships work. 

Gotta say I’m with Magnolia on this. For lots of reasons!

For one thing, in the context of this show, Finn wasn’t shipping fictional characters. He was shipping people he knew in real life. No matter what you think of fiction shipping, it’s pretty far into creepster territory when you’re shipping real people, ignoring their feelings and autonomy and that’s not a cool thing to do to your friends. These little people had sentience, and Finn played with their lives and caused a lot of chaos. So on that level, yeah, I’m gonna be way more comfortable seeing that played as a negative rather than a positive. The alternative gives me major wiggins.

And shippers don’t get a monopoly on being the “biggest fans”. I’m not a shipper. It’s cool if you do it, but it doesn’t really make you necessarily more invested in the show. I’ve loved this show since the days when all we had was a pilot. And I’m… continuously frustrated by this idea that you have to be shipping to be a “true fan.” Sorry, I don’t consume media that way.

To me, a lot of shipping involves ignoring major character traits in order to smoosh two people together. I mean, Finn literally smashed people into each other and manipulated their actions with a pencil to get them together against their natural desires. I resisted the PB & Marceline shipping for a while, and still don’t really ship them, but as time went on, I could see where other people were coming from on that. But the episode wasn’t really about ships like that. It seemed to be lampooning crack ships. I mean, BMO and the Ice King! It’s absurd. There is nothing to suggest any sort of relationship at all between the two. And who hasn’t read a weird fanfic that pairs two characters with nothing in common with each other. *cough*snapexjesus*cough* It’s silly!

And I considered the episode to be a gentle “Oh you silly people,” rather than a “Get a load of these fucking weirdos. What losers!” I’m not in a million years gonna say people who felt hurt by the episode are overly sensitive. But I do think there are various ways this could be interpreted, and I don’t for one second think the creators of the show are being jerks or trying to mock anyone.

Also, get a load of this frame that shows the inside of the book:

"T Doggzone"

I am dying!


It’s Prismo! Because of reasons!
I doodle fan-art when I’m in a major art slump, better than nothing?! hueheheh

Best Prismo I’ve seen!


It’s Prismo! Because of reasons!

I doodle fan-art when I’m in a major art slump, better than nothing?! hueheheh

Best Prismo I’ve seen!


As Is
Tough tootin’ baby? 10 out of 10.

This kind of makes me want kids. Almost.


As Is

Tough tootin’ baby? 10 out of 10.

This kind of makes me want kids. Almost.


“The Creeps” Background, Part II

The episode’s background designers were ghostshrimp and Santino Lascano. The painters were Martin Ansolabehere, Sandra Calleros, and Ron Russell. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings.

I really love looking at background art. Adventure Time, among others, has inspired me to put more effort into my own backgrounds.

Shipping Time




aklsjdh; ok, so heres all of the trolls together(in my attempt at the adventure time art style)


and here for all of them together



Adventure Time is SO gay. Literally, gay.

Me and Mary just watched “the Silent King”. My god, this is so gay.

Jake: [after Finn is crowned king] “You need a queen.” [1 second later] “I’ll do it.”

Later, Finn jumped into Jake and wore him as a suit with a big horn on the front. Finn was inside Jake.

Finn said Jake smelled like vanilla inside.

Unicorns are the most phallic of equines, which makes Rainicorns the gayest of equines. Jake’s “girlfriend” is a giant rainbow.

Gay gay gay gay gay gay!

Hee hee hee.