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momophoenix asked: Have you heard of otps and ot3s?

Yeah, I know about those. Well, I’d never heard of OT3s before, but it’s easy enough to guess the meaning. I gotta say, a lot of shipping is scary to me personally. Fandom can get pretty intense! I once saw a fandom take down a B-52 bomber. They ate the debris as it fell from the sky, while it was still in flames. The sound of teeth on metal mixed with the boneshaking sound of fangirling squeals, echoing throughout the night as those unfortunate souls from outside the fandom took refuge in their homes, hiding under tables, in bathtubs, behind doors locked tight. Mothers pressed hands to their childrens’ mouths, lest their cries attract attention. When they had eaten their fill, the fandom turned on one another, screams of "You don’t ship JohnLock that makes you homophobic go die in a fire!!!" filled the air until nothing else could be heard. When the pale rays of the morning sun crawled over the horizon, there was but one lone man where once an expansive fandom had held their blood orgy. No one knows where he went. Legend says if you’re on a forum at midnight on a moonless night, you might see him getting upset at you for not agreeing with his headcannon. Stay safe on the internet, children, lest the fandom ghoul take your very soul.