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Encik Farhan is a scammer.  He backs projects, pledging hundreds or thousands of dollars at the highest tier, and then disputes the credit card charges 1-3 months later, often after his rewards have been shipped.

He pledged $1000 to my campaign, and a few days after I posted an update that backer rewards were being shipped, he filed a charge dispute with his credit card company.  I’m still waiting for the outcome of my appeal, but if I lose $1000, it will ruin me.

Another project creator got in touch with me this week, asking about Encik Farhan, and dozens of creators have been affected by this asshole, but there is no built-in way to report individual backers or profiles on Kickstarter.

His profile:

His email address registered with Kickstarter is, and the contact email he gave me in his survey response is

If you are starting a project, WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY.  If he backs your project, assume that those funds will be disputed after your campaign is over.  He’s screwing over creators, and meanwhile, he still gets to look good with all these “backed” projects showing up on his profile.

Wow, what a dick

This guy pledged to me and 157 other projects since May, usually the highest backer tier. I’m waiting to hear what Amazon intends to do about this. There’s no way to stop someone from pledging to you, even if you know he’s going to turn around and do this. And because he’s pledging substantial amounts, it means that when he demands his money back, it’s enough to bankrupt some of these projects. He’s perverted everything about KS.

Amazon needs to do something about this, and it can’t be at the cost of the creators. We have zero protection against this, and should therefor not be punished for what a fraudulent backer did. Amazon should let us keep the money and pay back this money themselves for letting these charges go through. Because again, the way they set their system up, there’s nothing we could do as individuals to prevent it and there still isn’t.

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