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Miss America

Trying to reblog ladiesmakingcomics, and it isn’t working, but I have thoughts! Thoughts!!! This is kind of funny and kind of ranty.

So, first read her bit on why she’s pissed off about the new Miss America (the superhero, not the beauty contest winner)

And here is what Miss America looks like:

I’m sure she meant this to be taken as read, but I figured I’d add it in here: you can absolutely be empowered in skimpy clothes. You absolutely can. The problem lies in the fact that this is A: men telling women how to be empowered (and that way happens to be very easy on male eyes), and B: this skimpy costume thing is way overdone. Skinny, attractive girls in tiny clothes and impractical shoes make up way too large a percentage of female superheroes. Like I’ve said before, it’s not sexiness we have a problem with, but the overt and constant sexualization that is only applied to women. And it’s this male created brand of “female empowerment” that we’ve been fed over and over and over that we’re sick of.

We’ve seen it before, and we’re being shown it again. This is what you get to relate to, ladies. Male characters have diversity in their designs. Big, small, muscular, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, sometimes really gross. If you removed the heads of the female comic characters, would you be able to tell the difference between any of them? Diversity in female comic characters is: are her boobs D or DD, and exactly how much of them is she showing?

Even when they think they’re reaching out to women, it’s only if they can still fulfill that male gaze. That there are still so few female writers that they can’t let a woman’s empowerment be written by a woman is beyond frustrating. It continues to be written primarily by men, primarily for men.

If they had just one woman on that development team, she’d tell them:

  • Those boots would be hell to run in
  • Those pants would fall down if she moved faster than a walk
  • Those pants will lead to some major yeast infections, especially if they’re leather/pleather and do you know how distracting it is trying to fight crime when your junk is burning? Because I do, and it is no picnic. Well, it’s like a picnic, if the picnic were overrun by fire ants!
  • That top is so not supportive enough for boobs that size and she’s gonna get a sore back and also they will flop out if she does any kind of fighting. “Oh, hey Miss America. How did you get that black eye? Did a bad guy punch you?” “Nope. Caught myself in the face with my own nipples.”
  • Those earrings are just asking to be ripped out (by a villain or just by getting caught in something on her way to catch a bad guy as she holds up her pants by hand)
  • And she will die of a fatal wedgie long before any baddies get her because come on! Cotton panties: they breathe and they’re practical and you are here to fight crime Miss America. You can wear that on your days off and more power to you.
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    Also notable for the list of why that outfit is not good for fighting crime in.
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