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Adam Hills destroys Joan Rivers for her Adele comments.


Umm idk if anyone knows this of not but Joan rivers is a comedian this is what she does she makes jokes and makes fun of people it’s what she gets paid to do if you take offense to a comedian then that’s on you but don’t bash them for literally doing their job

…. there’s a difference between being comical and being a bitch. 

to talk about adele’s weight like that isn’t funny, it’s disrespectful. and that “joke” doesn’t just affect adele. it affects the females that are the same stature as her. 

i’m tired of jokes being shit that’s disrespectful as fuck. 

yeah being a comedian doesn’t mean that you can just say whatever you want it means you can make good jokes and these jokes just straight up weren’t good

if you went to a restaurant and the food was really shitty, would you be upset or would you shrug it off and say “that’s what the chef gets paid to do”

you would probably be upset because yes, it is their job, and that’s exactly why they should do it well

Saying “Hahaha fat people am I right? Nyuk nyuk nyuk,” isn’t really comedy. It isn’t even edgy or pushing any envelopes. It’s nothing new or creative. It’s so ordinary, so run-of-the-mill to say things like this. It’s lazy. It’s lazy. If Joan Rivers is a comedian, she’s gotta do more than literally just point out someone is fat. That’s… that’s not comedy. Like, even beyond being pissed at yet another piece of fat hate, even besides it being disrespectful not only to Adele but other people who share her body type, I’m just pissed off that people who are professionals at making jokes can’t be bothered to say something different from what an average middle schooler writes on a bathroom stall. She’s not doing her job. Fuck her.

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