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Guns have little to no nutritional value

Things I think everyone in the entire world has a right to:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Clothing for whatever climate they live in
  • Health Care
  • Safety
  • Compassion

That’s not a long list. There’s plenty of things I think people should have, like voting and happiness and education. But this is a list of things one needs to survive. Losing these things would spell out death for someone.

Having no food or water, one would die of starvation and thirst. Having no proper shelter or clothing, one would be be exposed to the elements (there are some areas that don’t require one or both of these things, but much of the world has harsh conditions that require protection against it, and don’t you dare tell me people should just move to a better climate). Having no health care, one would die from any number of illnesses or injuries. Having no safety, one would be killed by accidents or murder. Receiving no compassion, one would have nothing to live for.

It bothers me to no end to see people complaining about “taxpayer dollars” being spent on things they don’t think people have a right to. Many of these people also deeply believe they have an unalienable human right to own guns, but food stamps for poor people cross the line. Food is a privilege? Health care is a privilege? Guns are a right? Some people deserve to die because they weren’t privileged enough to pay for food or health care, in a first world country? This makes logical sense to you?

What these people don’t realize is that these so-called “privileges” could easily be taken away from them at any time. You lose your job, you lose your health insurance, you lose your house, you lose the ability to buy food, you lose your entire safety net. Are you going to stick to your ideals and refuse to take any assistance (be it governmental or from handouts from people you know) and risk dying in the street? Probably not. Not even Ayn Rand, the go-to-gal for justifying the dismantling of government assistance, couldn’t stick to those ideals. Why must so many people be poor before they realize the importance of helping them? Why must they hit rock bottom before they believe in helping others?

It’s the most frustrating thing I ever hear. The lack of compassion sickens me.

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    Someone I love dearly died in her driveway, in her husband’s arms, as they tried to get her to the car, because she...
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