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Do NOT ever use Comixpress to print your comics


rosalarian replied to your post:
Comixpress is THE WORST printer I have ever come across IN MY LIFE! The books were flimsy, the ink would come off the cover on my hands, and they never sent 1/4 of my order and didn’t give a shit. They’re TERRIBLE.

Reblugging words of caution!
FWIW, the only problem I had with Ka-Blam was they shipped my books as separate orders, so for a while I thought half the order was lost, but it arrived a couple days later. Well, that and the books were packaged inside bubble wrap (good) that was taped with tape that ruined the cover if it came in contact with it (bad). But the books themselves came out good.

(My experience with Transcon was a lot better, save for a small language barrier and some wonky FTP issues, but again, that’s offset so no sense in going that route for a small run)

Every time I see someone about to use Comixpress to print their comics, I feel like that moment in an action movie where you see a kid about to be crushed by some falling debris and the hero is all like “Nooooooooooooooooo!” and reaching for the kid in slow motion, and then pushes the kid out of the way.

The first run I ever did of YU+ME Vol. 1 was through Comixpress. I had to refund so many orders because pages fell out, or ink came off (often onto the other things in the order, so I had to refund/replace multiple things in the orders). And then there was the whole losing 1/4 of my order and them responding with “Meh.” Yeah, they were cheap, but taking into account 150 books I paid for but didn’t get, the cost per book that I actually received was higher. And then take into account the fact that I trashed/set fire to/shredded/used for packing material half the books I did get because they were so poorly made, the cost per book that actually got sold came out to something like $12, and they were only selling for $15.

If you need a cheap printer, go with CreateSpace. The setup process is hard and they’re incredibly restrictive in a few ways (comics are not their forte, and they refuse to see why someone would want to have text that bleeds off the edge or in any way goes outside safe zones). But they print things professionally. This means perfect binding, not just glue, this means coated covers that won’t come off on your fingers. Lulu is also good, but more expensive than CS. The benefit of Lulu is that they know a bit more about comics and are less restrictive.

Remember: you get what you pay for. You might not have a lot of money, but there are more options than you think for any price range, and the bottom of the barrel is usually more expensive in the long run.

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    Yes Comixpress is godawful. I got one book printed from them and the quality was utter shit. The cover turned yellow,...
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