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First day of the 30 Characters Challenge. I think most of the 30 days is going to be filled designing characters that I actually need to use for any of my existing comics, and this one is no exception. However, I can’t decide which comic I want to use her for! I originally planned for her to be in Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space as an alien and friend to the pirates who will be joining them for some adventures very soon. But I think she’d also fit really well into Meaty Yogurt. So now I gotta choose.

As far as aliens in LPFOS go, and a lot of sci-fi stuff, a lot of the weird-colored aliens (blue people and the such) end up essentially being white people who’ve been briefly dipped in dye or color-shifted. They have white facial features, and a very light shade of blue/green/purple/whatever skin. They’re very explicitly European aliens. Because white folks are the “default”. That’s a pretty difficult mindset to break, even when you’re conscious of it. I wanted to create a blue character who would be recognized as being based off someone of African decent. I want to imagine that these various alien species up in the sky have race variations too. I want to have aliens of color in more than one way.


So I will probably go with her original purpose and use her for Lesbian Pirates. What do you guys think?

  1. mariposamind answered: Double dip the character? But if not…can you create another, unique character to fill the purpose in whichever story she does not reside?
  2. mollydot answered: Random fact: In Irish, black people are called blue (duine gorm) instead of black (duine dubh).
  3. tentativelybronwyn answered: I think she should be a cross over character and show up in both.
  4. forestgladiator answered: I think it’s wonderful that you’re trying to break away from that “white is default” mindset. She’d be good for LPFOS!
  5. milkyphonemes answered: It would be pretty great if you used her in both. The single, unexplained crossover between your comic universes.
  6. itsashoreline answered: I would like to see her in Meaty Yogurt personally =]
  7. angharadgwyn answered: LPFOS!
  8. 50fine4me answered: Lesbian Pirates :]
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    Loooove the idea of having her in LPFOS!
  10. objectorbit answered: Lesbian Pirates.
  11. sister-wendigo answered: Crossover.
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  13. ashvonslasher answered: I love both of them! I think this challenge is great!
  14. maskedhero answered: Why not use her in both? :P But if I had to choose, definitely Lesbian Pirates.
  15. ratfemme answered: Both!
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