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if you have the bandwidth, the hard drive space, etc: download the videos, save the photos, screencap the tweets about ferguson. there is media disappearing from twitter and facebook and reposting media may be the only way these things continue circulating.

Hey, I'm sorry if I upset you. I wasn't upset that the pages were missing, just increasingly curious. I seriously was not trying to make you sad. :( Super sorry.

It’s okay! My upset-ness was purely internal, and while some part of me wishes nobody have ever pointed out this mistake, it’s a good lesson for me to recognize when I’ve made a mistake, and accept it, and deal with it. It was an interesting mental exercise. I knew there would end up being some kind of mistake somewhere in the book, and I handled this actually better than I thought I would. A 2 hour panic attack is a pretty good one for me! Not too bad.


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i think historically there is very little backlash for women trying to write about men. instead there’s all sorts of backlash for women trying to write about their own experiences as women

I wonder sometimes what would happen if a “man” and a “woman” protag version of an autobio graphic novel were released with the exact same content. What sort of reviews would each edition get?

I get SIGNIFICANTLY more backlash for writing about women than writing about lesbians, even though the lesbians are women. They don’t care that the women are lesbians. They care that they’re any kind of woman at all. If I had a dollar for every time someone complained that my stories don’t contain enough positive male role models, I would never worry about money ever again. If I had a dollar for every time I experienced homophobic backlash for my comics, I’d have enough for a supreme pizza.

I'm thinking about printing out the extra pages and sticking them into my books, purely to satisfy "completion" needs. How would I go about printing good quality copies, instead of just crappy-inkjet-flimsy-paper ones? I've never dealt with art stuff before.

I will put those pages available to download them in high quality. Then I’d say take them to a professional printer to print them out, or maybe just print them at home but on really nice paper with the quality setting as high as it goes.

I’ll probably put together a whole thing about it and make sure everyone who orders the book gets the files and instructions.

Sorry to hear about the missing pages from your book. If it's any consolation, there were some similar errors on Sister Claire, some of which were due to pages being lost while editing for the book (5 years ago I didn't know how to well-organize my files!) and some issues were due to the printer fucking up, like the "1" as in "Book 1" being gone from the spine. Just say these are quirks of the first edition, they make it a unique collectable. =)

I did lose a lot of files from book 1 when my computer crashed, and I was so focused on making sure I found/redrew those pages that these other pages slipped right past me. I remember the printers being confused when I turned in the files, saying it was 4 less than I’d originally said I was going to use, and now I know where that discrepancy came from.

I will take this time to say, though, the printers did an excellent job with what I gave them. Nice sturdy covers, perfect spot gloss, nice shiny pages, crisp art. It’s pretty beautiful.

And yeah, I’m just gonna work extra hard to become SUPER MEGA SUCCESSFUL AND FAMOUS so that these first editions will make everyone who has one millionaires. I think that’s a fair trade. I forget a couple pages, then I dedicate my life to making everyone millionaires. Gonna do it!

Hey!!! You're great!!! We love you! -u-

Thank you. I think this is mostly me being upset with myself more than fear that y’all are gonna hate me. I wanted to make it perfect. But as people are pointing out to me, this mistake is not so bad in the grand scheme of things. Dreams are often out of order and confusing, it’s only 4 pages, and now they’re “collectors’ items” that will make you all rich someday.

It’ll be a week or so before this actually sinks into my brain to the point where my vision stops going dark, but I’ll get there.


Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

Hi! I was reading the Yu+Me pdf and I couldn't help but notice a few pages of the first epilogue were out of order or missing. I'm also getting the books and I'm wondering if those particular pages would be missing as well. Also, I'd just like to say that seeing my name in the thank you section was amazingly awesome. XD Thanks.

Well… fuck. As it turns out, the epilogue got all kinds of fucked up and now I am having a panic attack. So… looks like I fucked that up. Yippee! I can’t breathe. I proofread these things over and over, but you can only go through 1000 pages so many times, and at one point, everything was fine, but now the epilogue has a couple missing pages.

Okay, to keep myself from bawling right now, I will say that the missing pages aren’t super crucial to the story, you can still figure out what’s going on, and the missing pages are still online to read for free forever. I’ll fix the PDFs tonight.

I just… damn. Sorry everyone. I’m so damn sorry. I think I’m gonna cry anyway.


My contribution to Dafna Pleban’s To Boldly Zine… #1, that debuted at LA Zine Fest in February. Sorry about the less-than-perfect handwritten text - I found out about the zine right before the show and drew this whole comic in one day.

I just saw Dafna at Comic Con International and it sounds like the second issue may be in the works soon!