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About Rosalarian

I’m Megan Rose Gedris, AKA Rosalarian. I’m a comic artist/writer and illustrator from Michigan. I post and reblog a lot of comics and try to keep things lighthearted. I try to tag anything that isn’t work safe with NSFW. You should get tumblr savior if you don’t already have it.

I talk a lot about sewingmermaids, and burlesque. I sometimes perform burlesque and comedy under the name Florence of a’Labia. I am a professional cheesemonger. I once burned my house down accidentally. I don’t sleep much.

On tumblr, I have an art tag and a comics tag. I update those whenever. My comic series are:

Meaty Yogurt: Middleville is under a curse that anyone born there will die there, without anything interesting in the meantime, but Jackie is determined to break the curse and rise from mediocrity. This one is also humorous, with a spattering of drama. It updates whenever I get chapters done.

The Lady Eudora Henley: NSFW!! Set in the Victorian era, a naive newlywed woman is introduced to the most depraved woman in town, and falls into a life of lust and bondage. Runs on Filthy Figments with about half a dozen pages put up per month. It’s not a comic, but a heavily illustrated story. This one is a pretty serious storyline.

Eat Me: NSFW!! A very silly porno comic about a girl who visits a world where all the people are made of food. Also, there are monsters and magical powers and drugs and it gets kind of surreal. It runs on Filthy Figments with one chapter updated every month.

I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!!: The plot of this is fairly easy to surmise. It’s a satire on lots of things, including sci-fi, lesploitation, campy 1950’s culture, and ancient Greek literature. It’s humorous. It’s a completed story with almost 500 pages.

YU+ME: dream: Fiona meets the girl of her dreams, literally. Then she must rescue her love from a surreal dreamscape full of monsters and secrets. This story was completed in 2010 with 847 pages. It’s got comedy, drama, adventure, and romance. You can buy all the comics in book form here.

Darlin’ It’s Betta Down Where It’s Wetta: NSFW!! Pearl the mermaid meets a naked human girl on a beach and becomes determined to find her again. Meanwhile, lots of sex happens. It’s both humorous and sexy. This story was completed in 2012 and can be read on Filthy Figments or you can buy it in book form here.

There’s a bunch more stuff including comics on my main site, I have a twitter, an official blog, and a facebook.